For some pets, a trip to the animal clinic is a terrifying experience. The car ride, the smells, the slippery exam tables, and the presence of other animals add to their anxiety. When our beloved pets are at their most vulnerable, the last place they should be is where they feel anxious.

To help make those last moments peaceful for your pet, Dr. MacDonald has made herself available for home euthanasia. Her 12 years of experience and her understanding of the importance of our pet’s comfort at the end of their lives have inspired her to offer this service.

"One and half years ago, our then 14.5 year old beloved dog - Maggie, who had an extremely healthy life - was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes all at one time. It was at that moment that we decided that we would do everything we could for her, but if we could not make her comfortable and alleviate her pain, that we would euthanise her.

It was also at that moment that we knew if home euthanasia was possible - we would absolutely choose it...


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