"Please give this last gift of love to your pet! My 18 year old cat Molly was always terrified of car rides and doctors, and she was able to spend her last moments in her favorite room of the house surrounded by familiar sights, smells and the people who loved her best. She wasn't concerned at all with Dr. MacDonald approaching her and loving on her before starting the procedure. It was just like any other visitor had stopped by. My last memories of my kitty are all peaceful, and I feel like I gave her the best that I could up to her last moments. I am so grateful for this experience and for the service Dr. MacDonald provided. I am going to be suggesting this to anyone who will listen!"

Round Rock, TX

"Our 15 yr old family member Big Boy went home to rest today with the the help of Dr. McDonald. It was clear for awhile that our wonderful Golden Retriever's quality of life was dwindling. As his health worsened we made our painful decision to let him go. My daughter found Dr. McDonald and we agreed this was the best most compassionate way to let him go, in his home surrounded by those who love him and where he is most comfortable. Big was always frightened to visit the vet's office. Dr. McDonald explained in detail how Big would feel and what would happen. This was a tremendous help for us as we knew he would not be in any pain. The transition was calm and he went to rest with the dignity he so deserved. I cannot thank Dr. McDonald enough for her kindness to our family and especially to Big Boy. I am so grateful for this service. The cost of the service was well worth it as the alternative was watching our beautiful Big continue to suffer. Thank you Dr. McDonald on behalf of our family. Big Boy is now with his most loved friend now."

The Family of Robert Moss & Big Boy
Round Rock, TX

"One and half years ago, our then 14.5 year old beloved dog - Maggie, who had an extremely healthy life - was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes all at one time. It was at that moment that we decided that we would do everything we could for her, but if we could not make her comfortable and alleviate her pain, that we would euthanise her. It was also at that moment that we knew if home euthanasia was possible - we would absolutely choose it.

Maggie was adopted from the Humane Society when she was 7 months old and prior to being dropped off at the society, she had been abused. Even though her fear of strangers diminished over time, her hatred of going anywhere other than to her "room", did not. The thought of her last moments being in a vet's office with her scared and shaking was not an option.

Fast forward to April 28, 2013 and our now 16 year old dog (the gift of more time thanks to wonderful vet care), had not eaten in 3 days, her CHF was roaring, we could not get her to take her medicine, she could barely walk and her eyes had lost their sparkle. We knew it was time, but we had not done our research (I think we just didn't want to think about it). Who do we call, who does home euthanasia? Thanks to a quick web search we found Dr. Maggie MacDonald.

A few hours later she was at our door facing a grieving family, including our 11 year old daughter. Dr. MacDonald was so warm and kind, we immediately felt very comfortable with her. We placed Maggie in her "room" (our closet). Dr. M gave us an overview of what to expect and asked us if we were ready. She shaved Maggie's leg and proceeded to give her the drug that would stop her heart, and talked us through the whole process. Very soon - 1 minute or so - our sweet Maggie was in doggy heaven.

Because of Dr. MacDonald and the positivity she brought to our home euthanasia of Maggie, there is no sadness in thinking about that day. We miss Maggie so much, but we are so confident that we made the right choice for her and with Dr. MacDonald's help, made her last moments so peaceful, that the the euthanasia experience alone does not make us sad. Only missing Maggie does.

We will open our home and our hearts to another dog. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to have another 16 years of a dog's love and when the time comes - we will absolutely select home euthanasia again."

Chris, Jennifer and Evie
Proud owners of Maggie
Cedar Park, TX

"Dr. MacDonald enabled us to provide a peaceful passing for our beloved dog, Sam. Allowing Sam to pass in the comfort of his backyard, a place he loved, was truly a gift. Dr. MacDonald's kindness, compassion, and gentle nature made a sad and difficult time easier. We were able to talk through our wishes and she was very thoughtful and thorough in explaining what to expect during her time with us. We are grateful to Dr. MacDonald for taking such wonderful care of our special Sam."

Austin, TX

"We are so grateful to have found Compassionate Home Euthanasia. This was our first experience in having to euthanize a pet and Dr. Maggie McDonald was such a blessing. We were able to play soothing music and place our Shelby in her bed in front of the fireplace. It was a very peaceful environment for her and for us. Maggie was kind enough to call us the next day to check on us and emailed us later in the week. Two weeks after the procedure, Shelby's remains were hand delivered in a beautiful carved wooden box. Everything was done with such care and dignity. They really know how much our pets mean to us, and we are eternally grateful to Dr. Maggie for this amazing service."

Austin, TX

"Our cat HATED going to the vet so when it was time to put her to sleep, we couldn't take her in. Maggie came over and put our cat to sleep peacefully. Maggie did an excellent job and this service is worth every penny."

A. Griffiths
Austin, TX

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